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Two Cities Pizza Company is built on the premise that the combination of two inherently distinct visions could actualize in one extraordinary culinary and cultural outcome. The strength of Two Cities is the prominent duality displayed in the world class New York thin crust and Chicago Deep Dish. Two Cities unifies the most well known American pizza styles in what has been referred to as the “tastiest peace treaty of all time.”


Upon the launch of the first Two Cities location in the greater Cincinnati area, news spread like wildfire that New York and Chicago style pizza would be served under one roof. Within six months of the grand opening, Two Cities won the popular vote of “Best Pizza in Cincinnati” organized by Cincinnati Magazine. Without question, combining the culinary styles and influences of America’s favorite cities was well received by the public. Two Cities proceeded to repeat as “Best Pizza in Cincinnati” the following year, as well as gaining other awards and accolades.


Sean Spurlock and Zach Greves founded Two Cities Pizza Company in 2015 when they were twenty-two years old. Their story, however, dates back to 2004 when they became best friends in the fourth grade. The founders were born and raised in Midwest America. Their best friendship was founded on common interests and goals they developed over years. A love for creativity, exploration, and a fascination with entrepreneurship became the launching pad for what would be Two Cities Pizza Company. New York and Chicago intrigued Sean and Zach more than any other cities. The rich traditions, robust cultures, and most of the all, the culinary acts of genius the Big Apple and Windy City produce fueled Sean and Zach’s natural bent for creativity.


Sean and Zach, while in college as students, devoted themselves to developing the plans for a restaurant that highlighted the pizza styles from New York and Chicago. They sought after the tools to deconstruct the art of baking pizza, the culture and excitement of New York and Chicago, and the experience required to break into the restaurant industry. In their discovery process, they aimed to redefine the industry standards of product, concept, and hospitality.  


The canvas for the first Two Cities location, a historic City Hall building, built in 1939, was the perfect setting for the idea of Two Cities to become a reality. The next chapter of the Tale of Two Cities has brought them to Georgia. The second location has been established in a suburb of Atlanta, Suwanee, Georgia.  At any Two Cities location you will experience the highest quality product, concept, and hospitality and an unwavering passion to exceed the standard.   

Sean and Zach feel a passion for people, and through the God given blessing of Two Cities, they strive to acknowledge the unique significance of each person. The founders believe that Two Cities is on a mission: to provide a better kind of work environment where everyone strives toward selflessness and unity; to push towards excellence because it is the right thing to do; and of course, to show our guests we care about them.    


Zach Greves


Zach has spent extended time  around small businesses and pizzerias, which developed his love of entrepreneurship. He has a background in design which fuels him to passionately build a quality brand by highlighting the uniqueness and excitement of New York and Chicago. Zach believes that creativity is one of the only unlimited resources, and Two Cities Pizza Company is created with that in mind. 

Sean Spurlock


Sean has spent much of his life around pizzerias, as well as extended time in New York City studying and working. Sean loves the city more than almost anything. It is that love that pushes him daily to cultivate

an authentic experience at Two Cities. Sean believes that pizza is the ultimate communal food, just as cities are the ultimate 


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