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A foldable yet crispy thin crust pizza that is both soft and slightly brown with a salty cheese and smooth, sweet red sauce.

A true hand held culinary experience.


A classic deep dish pie with creamy cheese on the bottom and fresh chunky tomato sauce on the top cooked with a butter crust and caramelized cheese.

A fork and knife affair.

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You can expect an experience at Two Cities. This is not just your average pizza night out. Our menu offerings will bring New York and Chicago to you, right here in Suwanee, Georgia. Sit back, relax, and enjoy all Two Cities Pizza has to offer. The large outdoor seating options, urban inspired decor, award winning menu, and the open air rooftop bar are just a few experiences you will not easily forget.


We are looking forward to serving you soon.

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Sean Spurlock and Zach Greves founded Two Cities Pizza Company in 2015 when they were twenty-two years old. Their life-long friendship, and shared love of creativity and food ultimately made Two Cities a reality. Pizza by nature is a creative food. There are countless combinations of flavors between dough, sauce, and toppings. Creating the best pizza, and brand to showcase it was the mission. On a college summer break, Zach and Sean got to work. There are so many styles of pizza in the world, but the founders knew that only the best style would ultimately become the focal point of their future menu. The first and most consequential “problem” arose on that summer break. Zach and Sean had narrowed their focus to two styles of pizza, that just so happen to be opposite in composition: New York and Chicago style pizzas. In this case, the “problem” actually proved to be the solution. Zach and Sean realized that choosing one city over the other would not truly represent the American pizza tradition. When seeking the best style of pizza, the founders arrived at two. The bridge between two iconic cities was finally built as Two Cities Pizza Company was born.  



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